The Ventus Project

Inspired by the hourly church bell, this auditory display tool turns the weather forecast into sound.

Wild Flag Studios: Outdoor Art Installation

This bespoke artwork is located in Montréal. I had the opportunity to work on its design and intial development.

Roinn: a shared vehicle

Transport is poised to become electric and shared. How can design help users with these changes?


"Enchanted Objects", a term coined by David Rose, refers to products that are unobtrusive, useful and that respect our humanity. This piece of functional furniture aims to be just that.

Deep Work Box

In 'Deep Work', Cal Newport talks about willpower as being finite. Inspired by the same book, this project aims to help users achieve a state of deep work by relying on rituals and taking willpower out of the equation.

Engineering Work

  • Lightyear Cars: Vehicle Interaction Engineer
  • Pratt & Whitney: Jet Engine Development Engineer [2017-2019][AWARD].
  • Fractyl Laboratories: Medical Catheter Manufacturing Process.
  • RPI: Submersible LEDs for Algae Growth.
  • Zombait: Silicone Seal.
  • Ekko Audio: Looks-Like Model.
  • Red Bull: FlugTag Boston.

The Visual Playlist

I founded a blog together with my brother, architect and editor Federico Witzke and photographer Griffin DiStefano where we select images from our archives and curate tracks that convey an atmosphere.
Working with my brother we've manipulated some of our images into digital art concepts from our brains
You can find the all of the images on this site, and the tracks are archived in this playlist.

Reading List

Weekly Recommendation

Here's some of my favorite books. You can see what I'm reading and notes on my Goodreads page

Hugo Stiglitz

I am a music host at where I publish monthly live mixes. You can see all of my work on my MixCloud and check for upcoming events on Resident Advisor